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Khaiden Tajigen

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The multidimensional (Tajigen) Khaiden, is a sentient star-cluster in VTuber form, as part of the VSinger group ALTERNATIVE IDOL on its first unit CONSTELLATIONS. Apart from videogame and chatting livestreams, Khaiden also produces covers, Tokusatsu-related content, and more!

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Khaiden Tajigen existed as one being brought about by the minds of many and now they share the beauty and madness of such a cosmic existence.

Unknown to most civilizations, the stars themselves are actually sentient, intelligent beings. Star-clusters are an even more transcendent mind since they combine multiple individuals into one while still retaining each's individuality.

Furthermore, the particular sentient star-cluster that would go on to be known as Khaiden Tajigen, existed in multiple dimensions at once. All the stars linked in this star-cluster existed not only in one universe, but many.

Thus, they were an existence unlike any other. It didn't take long for them to see the many iterations of humanity, and the magic of virtual worlds and the idol-like figures that VTubers are. One thing led to the other and they decided to "descend" into a human-ish existence and eventually take on the form of a VTuber. To simplify things, they sometimes avoid using a plural single-person and talk as if they were one with an "I" pronoun, but in truth the "individual" that is Khaiden Tajigen is a multi-minded being.

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