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02/06/2023 (L2D Model)
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Every 5.92 Day(s)
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Elin is a Vampire Neko VStreamer, whom has been slowly improving her content with newly added stuff and a growing community mainly on the game, APB Reloaded. However She is also a variety VStreamer playing other games on her off days from APB Reloaded and loves making new friends and meeting new people.

She speaks mainly English but speaks and can read some Japanese. However Kanji is difficult for her.

She Loves - Strawberries, Sparkling Water, Mayo, Cheese, Cooking, Drawing, Asian and Italian Cuisine, Mackerel fish, Cats, Bats...Bricks and music

She Dislikes - Rude people, Tuna, Smelly things, Cleaning, Drama, Oranges/Citrus (allergic), and Country Music

Favorite Music Genres - Progressive Rock/Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Easy Listening, Lofi, and Game Music/chiptune.

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Being born from a half Neko and half Vampire parents. Elin is a half Vampire and Neko humanoid hybrid with Vampire Wings, cat ears and a cat tail. Having the ability of basic flight and minor magic and alchemy abilities like her parents. She also opened a cat-café for her friends and others whom she calls close to her and of course for other customers as well. This café mainly sells Strawberry themed sweets and drinks but sells handmade pizza and other light café food as well as some basic potions on the side if adventurers need them. Hoping to spread positivity and meet new people she expands out to find others to grow her community!

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