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Saralene is a magical retro-gaming catgirl who never gets frustrated at video games.

She plays absolutely any genre of game, but her favorite genre of all is music games. She also adores pinball, and is known for her pinball wizardry. Her favorite pinball table is Cirqus Voltaire, and her favorite music game is Pop'n Music.

Saralene is strongly known for her patience and kindness, taking after such role models as Shinya Arino of Game Center CX and Inugami Korone of Hololive. She has a large interest in difficult video games, even if she isn't always top-tier in terms of gaming abilities. (Although she is pretty good!)

She is also known for her game development background. She has worked for companies such as XSEED Games as both a Japanese to English translator and a programmer, with nearly 15 years of experience. If you've ever played Freedom Planet, Trails in the Sky, Ys, Corpse Party, or 100% Orange Juice, you've probably enjoyed her work in some capacity.

Previously a critical part of the initial push that proved Japanese video games viable in the English PC market, she has spent a lot of time working on games both as a hobbyist and professionally, but has gradually moved further into streaming. Her streams often offer insight into video game development, the game industry, and translation, as well as providing backstory on specific games' developmental histories.

In all, her streams tend to be very relaxing and cozy, though she's not to be called low-energy.

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Her exact background is unknown, but she frequently refers to herself as "Saralene the Magical Catgirl." It can be inferred from this that she is some form of magical girl. She seems to be a video game developer by day and a magical girl fighting the forces of evil by night.

Her current arch-nemesis is the Great Emperor of Dogs, who has often trapped her at the top of trees outside of her house with his vicious empire of evil dogs. The Great Emperor of Dogs is a scoundrel with a captain's hat and a huge scimitar who hates Pop'n Music and believes the best music game ever made is Spice World for PS1.

Her lore is just silly fluff, if it wasn't obvious.

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