.LIVE (どっとライブ dotto raibu, pronounced as dot live) is a group of Virtual YouTubers. They are produced by App Land, Inc.
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22/7 (ナナブンノニジュウニ Nanabun no Nijuuni) is a Virtual Idol group project. They have both 2D and 3D models. It was formed via a partnership between Sony (Aniplex) and Japanese producer Yasushi Akimoto.
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4Reality (or 4 Reality) is a group of Indonesian Virtual YouTubers.
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4V Live
4V Live is an English Virtual content creator agency consisting of Virtual YouTubers presented by American entertainment company 4V.
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541 E&C
541 E&C, also called 541 EnC, was a Korean Virtual YouTuber agency that eventually merged into Nijisanji KR.
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774 inc.
774 inc. (ナナシインク Na Na Shi Inku), is a company in Japan dedicated to the management and production of teams of virtual YouTubers, specifically the groups AniMare, VApArt, HoneyStrap, and SugarLyric. They launched their activities in the mid of 2018 with the release of a thematic assembly of VTubers named AniMare.
A guild of ENVtuber's and content creators that governs over the souls and afterlife. We specialize in Content creation, Art, Animations and Singing on both Twitch and Youtube Our current member's as follows: @xai_ice: An artifical system, artist and animator! She claims that shes an artificial system because girls aren't real. @SenSeiyin: The demonic artist,…
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Age Break
A mafia-themed Virtual YouTuber unit.
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AKA Virtual
Based in Tokyo, home to animation and endless innovations, AKA Virtual enables Creators & Brands to interact with fans through Virtual Avatars in the digital world.
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The world is large, and full of challenges. The world is small, and everything is within reach. Virtualization makes the world full of potential. Allowing people to seek the future they desire. AkioAIR is not only just a company but even more of a fan. We are willing to be the backbone of our talents;…
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