.LIVE (どっとライブ dotto raibu, pronounced as dot live) is a group of Virtual YouTubers. They are produced by App Land, Inc.
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22/7 (ナナブンノニジュウニ Nanabun no Nijuuni) is a Virtual Idol group project. They have both 2D and 3D models. It was formed via a partnership between Sony (Aniplex) and Japanese producer Yasushi Akimoto.
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4V Live
4V Live is an English Virtual content creator agency consisting of Virtual YouTubers presented by American entertainment company 4V.
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774 inc.
774 inc. (ナナシインク Na Na Shi Inku), is a company in Japan dedicated to the management and production of teams of virtual YouTubers, specifically the groups AniMare, VApArt, HoneyStrap, and SugarLyric. They launched their activities in the mid of 2018 with the release of a thematic assembly of VTubers named AniMare.
A guild of ENVtuber's and content creators that governs over the souls and afterlife. We specialize in Content creation, Art, Animations and Singing on both Twitch and Youtube Our current member's as follows: @xai_ice: An artifical system, artist and animator! She claims that shes an artificial system because girls aren't real. @SenSeiyin: The demonic artist,…
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Age Break
A mafia-themed Virtual YouTuber unit.
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Alt!! (アルト), also referred to as Palette Project, is an assemble of Virtual idol YouTubers. The group have three members and growing.
Amaryllis (アマリリス) started in April 2018 and dissolved at the end of September 2018. They were an assemble of Japanese Virtual YouTubers. All of which were female. Some of the members are currently active independently.
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Amber Glow
Amber Glow is a US based digital media company that aims to create VTuber, webcomics, and visual novel content in English. The group began with 8 members, both male and female. Content is released on YouTube.
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The Anarkitties group is fundamentally about anarchism. Anarchism is about the abolition of hierarchy. Where hierarchy is a social class gaining authority by defining/creating itself and another “othered” social class (“Normal” people define normal, and through that what is not “normal”, which they then control.) Within this, authority is given to individuals on the basis…
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