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Microphona Sing



Microphona Sing is a Half-Puertorican and Half-Mexican Vtuber, Vsinger and Vstreamer. Sometimes seiso and sometimes unseiso, she's friendly to every viewer and hopes to deliver her voice provider's feelings through streaming and her music. Her charm point consists in her screaming and loud commentary as well as switching between languages fluently. She tends to be fairly unprepared on most random streams but does her best to try to be professional. She's constantly evolving but tends to forget things easily or be very dense.

Lore Edit

A shining Idol up on stage can make someone’s eyes shine and cry with intense emotion… but for her… she felt admiration, love, and a need to shine just as he shined. She wanted to be able to give that same feeling to everyone else, to be up on stage and just let out all these feelings… all these things… with the same passion she felt he gave out to the rest of the world… And so… she looked and looked for ways to be that which she wanted to be… a voice actor just like him, but… deep down she wanted to sing… when she saw auditions to become a vtuber… she felt as if though she could have a chance to be stronger, develop her skills and finally get the chance to be up in stage…

However, … Micro saw her tears… Micro saw her fears… as she let them out with her recording her frustrations failure after failure… until that day… where Micro had finally got to take her own form… have her own life… as a digital holographic avatar…

After so much anger, so much frustration, she was born… She could choose her own bright colors, her own eyes, her bow that her voice provider has on her in the physical world… here she can have it as well… her cables connected to her arms. A soul full of electricity, powered by the love and admiration she tightly held onto so she could make her dreams come true. Her clothes the ones the other truly wanted to wear but she felt she couldn’t… She wanted to help her… She wanted to have her dream become a reality… she wanted to be someone… she wanted to shine… and she only wanted to express her passionate desire to do such things… her anger… let the world know and reflect her voice, distribute her voice, whether in happiness and joy or anger and sadness…

And she… she loved having her by her side, until her fears continued to join in. She felt as if though only using Micro she could be that which she wanted… she felt that… only the other could be the one to soar… when the reality is… Micro is just as much as her… as she is Micro… She is her microphone, She is her voice, Micro is her in every personality aspect and every feeling that goes and escapes her lips. If she shines, C shines, if C shines Micro shines.

And thus.. Micro will not cease to exist until she finishes her dreams… until she reaches that top

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