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Bonbon is an Art and Vroid commissions VStreamer on Twitch (so she makes 3D models commissions live on stream)

(She uses She/their/theirs pronouns) She likes to play with others for fun, usually in English:} She likes to admin and owns multiple (un)official Discord servers. (basically a control freak smh /j) and has been streaming since April 7th.

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Okay so... There is this girl, right? She was all weird because she has pink and blonde hair (just kidding, she is blonde by nature and just likes to dye half pink) But she just did not like her current household in the High Elf village because everyone was so extra and obviously always wrong and stupid.

Soooo, Bonbon just decided to move to the city after turning 18 and get her own apartment (except that she is a broke B and has to live with roommates who do not know privacy ) and now has a mediocre PC that struggles with the simplest tasks on stream. Despite all of that she does host lessons at a Vtuber school and reuploads the recordings to YouTube.

She likes to chat with people and mess with them, outside of streams she has 500+ hours in paladins and often plays Minecraft

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