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May 18th 2024
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Every 1.4 Day(s)
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Cyan is an Ocean Archer VTuber who streams on Twitch. She is very interactive with her community and she plays a variety of Nintendo and cozy games. She also makes YouTube content.

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Self-proclaimed Custodian of the Ocean, Cyan takes care of the depths of the sea with the help of her bow and tulip arrows. She resides in Bluesyde, a city in the middle of the vast ocean she built by herself with the help of marine animals, far from humanity as she enjoys loneliness.

Cyan is scatterbrained, logical (funnily enough) and humorous. She probably could not live without cracking a joke at least once a day. Her companion is a duck called Duhqee, who she has an interesting dynamic with. Cyan loves learning random things, but when she gets interested in a topic she studies it deeply. The mark on her forehead has been there since birth, yet she still does not know if there is any use for it. She also wears a mask for unknown reasons.

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