vTubie is the biggest Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) platform in existence.

VTubers are livestreamers who are animated on screen. In 2019, the took Asia with a storm. In 2020, VTubers became a phenomenon in the west. Today, virtual celebrities are one of the, if not the, fastest growing trends in the world.

Welcome to vTubie, where the community builds the content, and the platform tracks the creators.

You can literally edit and add anything on the site. If you are a VTuber who is not on the site, add yourself. And if you are a fan of a VTuber who is not on the list, add them. To learn more, read the FAQ.

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vTubie is created by Misagh and launched in December 2020. In 2021, the first wave of moderators joined the team.

sadistic is a content moderator.

Sei (twitter) is retired a managing moderator.

TsunekoCh (twitter) is a retired moderator and a VTuber.

Eri Hoshimiya (twitter) is a retired moderator and a VTuber.

psykiiib (twitter) is a retired moderator.

Angelily (twitter) is a retired moderator and a VTuber.

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