vTubie is the wholesome home of VTubers and VStreamers – a platform for creators and viewers. Together, we build and maintain it. Once you interact with vTubie and the system detects you as a trusted user, it will allow you to help manage every aspect of the site.

Who can submit a new VTuber to vTubie?

Any registered user.

How do you submit a new VTuber to vTubie?

Click on the + New VTuber link on the menu.

Who can claim/verify a VTuber page?

The creator of the VTuber (or an authentic representative).

How do you claim/verify a VTuber page?

On the VTuber page, find “VTuber Verification” and follow the instructions.

What are the benefits of verifying your VTuber page?

A verified VTuber user can:
• Edit nearly everything on their VTuber page.
• Refresh their live status whenever they want and get splashed on the front page of the site.
• Add their own support link (Patreon, PayPal, Streamlabs etc).
• Gain access to edit other areas of vTubie.
• Get a major exposure boost + so much more!

Does vTubie want any personal info from who is behind a VTuber?

No. vTubie encourages everyone to be extra careful with what info they post about themselves on this platform, and anywhere else. On vTubie, we only focus on the VTuber persona.

Can I add personal info about the creator of a VTuber?

Absolutely not. Any form of doxing, harassment, and abuse is forbidden. The only scenario where it might be appropriate to add info about the VTuber creator is if they do a reveal themselves, and in the process, adjust their own pages accordingly.

What type of users exist on vTubie and what abilities do they have?

Registered users: submit new vtuber/group pages, give hearts, add video releases and clips, spotlight VTubers, minor editing abilities (that needs to be approved), make watchlists etc.

Registered users who have verified a VTuber page: edit their verified VTuber page, refresh live status, edit other areas of vTubie, access to hidden content + so much more.

Moderators: Edit any page details. But some changes require admin approval.

Admins: Technical.

How do I end up on the Currently Live list?

If you have verified a VTuber page, when you go live on Twitch/YouTube, hit the refresh button on vTubie (next to the channel listing). We will then check if you are currently streaming. If you are, your live status will change. Just make sure to be live before you click refresh.

If you have not verified a VTuber page, then wait for our bots to check your channels. It is an automated process. Since there are tens of thousands of channels on vTubie, it might take 1 min to 8 hours until our bots crawl your pages.

Why doesn’t the Currently Live list update frequently on the front-page?

Guests (logged-out people) will see a cached version of the front-page that updates less frequently. If you want to see a fresh and more up-to-date list of live users, create an account and join the fun.

When you click a video, the video embed does not show up, only a URL appears… why?

Because of embed settings on YouTube. If you are a VTuber, when you release your videos on YouTube/Twitch, please make sure to allow embedments.

Can I change a VTuber name?

Contact admin. It will take time to do the adjustment. In the future, as a verified VTuber, you may be able to adjust your VTuber name yourself.

Can I change a VTuber URL?

Potentially. Contact admin. Note to VTubers who request this change: if your URL changes, you will need to change all your links (on your YouTube/Twitch channels) to reflect the new URL (so you stay verified).

Can I edit a VTuber picture?

Yes, if you have verified a VTuber page, then you can edit the image. Simply hover your cursor over the image and an edit button will appear at the bottom left of the image.

What are spotlights?

You can spotlight any VTuber on the sidebar, bottom, and top. It is a way to highlight a VTuber to the community. It is by far the quickest way to increase viewers to a VTuber.

How do I spotlight a VTuber?

Click on the Spotlight button. Then select a tier (it will redirect you to Patreon), and finally hit the Spotlight button again.

Wait, why does it cost to spotlight a VTuber?

Because vTubie has been growing tremendously since we launched and this is a way for us to pay the increasing server costs. We can’t count on wealthy funders or advertisers. Help us stay independent, and in the process, push your favorite VTubers to fame!

Who do I contact if I have any question?

Moderators first. If no success, check our contact page.

Where can I follow vTubie?

Glad you asked. Follow us on:

Discord (for hangouts)

Note, do not spam those channels asking for support.

What new features are currently being worked on?

• Add a clips/translations section where users can add translated videos to the VTuber pages.
• Show currently live VTubers from your watchlist.
• Allow verified users to suggest edits to other users’ verified VTuber pages.
• On the currently live VTubers bar, include “All” languages.
• Add a streaming schedule field and an “add to calendar” feature.
• Add a “theme of the week” feature where verified VTubers can create content related to a predetermined theme. All content and schedule times gets displayed on the front page!
• Dark theme.

Is there a vTubie API?

In development. Do not run a bot on our site.

I figured out a cheat to increase my VTuber stats on vTubie, can I use it?

No. And use of any loopholes to violate rules will result with a permanent ban. Use vTubie with full respect to your fellow users.

I found a bug, what do I do?

Contact admin. Within your message, please include the URL, your browser, and if possible, a way to replicate the error.

I ❤ vTubie, how can I support it?

Use it. Help others to find it. And support the community via positive and healthy interactions. ❤

Oh and… help us pay our server costs by supporting us on Patreon.

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