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Maru De Cinco



Maru is a Scotland-based, Argentinean Virtual Streamer / Virtual YouTuber who makes content in English, Spanish and Italian. Maru is generally upbeat and energetic, encouraging her audience to embody heroic principles: kindness, humility, self-care, and embracing the joys of life. She loves to make people laugh, and will sometimes do weird antics to achieve it.

Her content includes singing, art/asset/graphic creation, travel, and gaming (with a focus on retro games, 2D platformers and JRPGs). She also does streams to educate her viewers on media or history, as well as sharing her bizarre obsessions. Her current focus is on Gunpla and Plamo streams, sharing the love of model kits, crafts, and giant robots with her audience.

Her birthday is March 15th, she is 170cm tall, and her zodiac sign is Space Pisces.

Lore Edit

The Hero of Hope is the Idol of Tomorrow!

An android from the year 23XX, Maru travels in time to stop her evil sister, Sube Te Cinco, from changing video game history! As Sube became the nefarious villain, Future Thief Night Hare, Maru transformed into Future Warrior Kibonder!

In order to track down her sister and help her victims, she became a VTuber. In the meantime, she works towards her dream of becoming an idol!

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