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Sorajima Anzu

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Anzu is a Vtuber who streams mostly games in his channel. He's mostly playing puzzles, RPG, Survival, Strategy, etc. Sometimes collabing with other Vtuber too playing phasmophobia, Left4Dead, etc. He also own several game server like Minecraft, Terraria and 7 Days to Die to play together with other Vtuber.

He's bad with FPS or competition games thats why avoiding playing games like Apex Legends, Valorant or something similiar but still do it if invited for collab just for fun (not for competition or tournament).

Recently he also begin to host his own meme review show called "Un-Cultured Review" which reviews unsatisfying or triggering pictures and videos that fans or other vtubers posts in his discord server together with a guests.

He sometimes collabing with other Vtuber either using Indonesian, English or Japanese and open collab for anyone who interested.

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Spirit of the great tree which born in a shape of young wood elf and raised as an elf. Become an adventurer in his home world (Stellaria) and when doing his first quest as an adventurer, he got hit by isekai truck and sent to japan along with his partner slime. Addicted to earth's entertaiment like Games, Anime, Idol, and Vtuber, he decided to become Vtuber too himself while playing games. But concerned about people's mental state in Earth, He's trying to help other Vtuber or viewer as much as he can to prevent them from depression and have a goal to make the world understand the importance of mental health

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