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シン☆リュー☆シャブ | Shin-Ryuu-Shav with the nickname of Ryuu / Shav is a Hybrid Variety V-Streamer. He usually streams TETRIS games like TETR.IO, Jstris, Tetra Legends, and many more, he also usually streams Old-School/Retro games. He also have been frequently writing/recording/making music, whilst also getting into Voice Acting. Once a week he would also stream a podcast/talkshow, with the purpose of spreading other streamers/content creators name whilst having them as guests on the said podcast/talkshow.

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  • Shin = The Negative Side of Ryuu that is represented w/ the color Purple & White
  • Ryuu = The Husk/Vessel For Shin & Shav to combine into one Entity = Harmony
  • Shav = The Positive Side of Ryuu that is represented w/ the color Green & Black

The name Shin can be twist around to have the meaning Sinner The name Shav can be twist around to have the meaning Slave

Just an existential crisis of a persona that was created for the purpose of reminding Ryuu of how he is nothing but a Sinner and Slave in the eyes of the almighty God.

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