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Kitty Gemma

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11th August 2021
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Kitty Gemma is Tortoiseshell Kitty Vtuber that wants to be loved/accepted. She streams at least 4 times a week on Twitch and uploads shorts on her YouTube channel almost every day.

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Kitty Gemma is a 25 year old Tortoiseshell kitty who wants to feel loved and accepted. Since at a young age, she has an interest in space and would want to go to space or to work with NASA in any shape of form to help out with living in a different planet.

Her original home is called "Fluffy Kitty Land". Fluffy Kitty Land is just above earth, right next to heaven as a place for cat people and cats live together. She got the opportunity to get a better education on Earth. A Private school in England was offering anyone from Fluffy Kitty Land from ages 12-18 to study in their private school for at least one year. Kitty has not doing so well in her current school and decide to take the offer at the age of 15. She packed her bags and went to Earth with her parents and her older sister. Her family was able to purchase a house on Earth and Kitty started her private school education for 2 years. Despite the school and students being well aware that catgirls and catboys would be students in the school, Kitty decided to wear a hat and was able to cover her tail in her school uniform for the first year as she was scared of being bullied. She decided that for the final year to reveal the cat ears and the tail to the whole school. The reactions were mixed. When going outdoors, she normally hides her cat ears with a hat and her tail underneath her dress. Luckily, most humans will think that she just likes fancy dresses and does not think her of some catgirl or possible a "alien". In 2023, she decided to go out in public with the ears and the tail showing. This explains why the "upgraded model" has a moving tail as she is no longer scared of what humans think of her. For the past 10+ years, she was able to get a job, purchase essentials and adopt a pet. She even went into studying about baking. She wanted to learn how to create sweet treats for her family and even her friends during special events. As a side effect of going into a new environment [or even a new planet], there was a side effect. Kitty's stomach became very sensitive ever since she moved to Earth. Some food just did not sit with her and caused pain, discomfort and even causing trips to the hospital. She got diagnosed with a severe bowel condition which sadly has no cure. Despite having this, she does not wish to go back home as they enjoys discovering Earth and the many things that humans do. This encouraged Kitty to learn even more about baking. For years, she has been able to make sweet treats that are free of gluten and suitable for those who are vegan. If her dreams of going space are not possible due to her bowel condition, she would love to work in a bakery and show the world that you can have a "cake and eat it too" no matter what allergies you have.

Despite it being over 10 years since Kitty went to Earth, she still goes to hospital appointments from different doctors and nurses to find ways to control the bowel condition. She recently had the A.C.E surgery in October 2023 and is looking to get another bowel based surgery in early 2025.

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