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Yumeko is a nonbinary Vtuber and Vstreamer who makes art and gaming related content. Drawing characters they like, making animations for different fandoms and stream a variety of RPG, open world and chill games. Occasionally they also stream the process of making their own Live2D models.

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Sometime, somewhere a wish was made on a shooting star. No one knows whether these wishes come true, but this particular night, something was born from that wish. From the stardust formed a fairy of dreams and wishes, Yumeko. They grew to love the various worlds in the multiverse and travels them together with their celestial cat friend, Lumi.

With their powers they created a locket, a locket to carry their own little world, their own pocket dimension, their own home. An endless forest made of pure daydreams to always have a safe place to retreat to. And thus it was nicknamed; The Comfort Corner. Every once in a while they'll have visitors, little spirits that show up between the trees, looking for a respite from the stresses of their own worlds, and so they are welcomed in to take a rest. Have a cookie and a cozy drink, it's safe here so please take a seat. The rest of the world can wait for a little bit ❤

Their locket also holds a small alternate pocket dimension of all the worlds they visit, an alternate version of them to live and enjoy those worlds. They carry all those memories with them and cherish them deeply in their heart, drawing little scenes from those lives they partly lived in to remember.

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