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Leon Foxtales

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Leon Foxtales is male VTuber that makes variety gaming content on Twitch. He has a doctorate in Punology. He loves the language of puns! He's his own waifu and hopes to become your waifu too!

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Leon is a adventurous fox that explored every nook and cranny of his forest until a point where he realized that the forest wasn't enough for him. He wanted to explore much much more and after seeing many a human on his forest adventures and how they could explore places he could not. He began wishing and dreaming of becoming human himself nightly.

On one fateful night where the moon and stars were at their brightest a beautiful forest fairy visited him and said she would grant his wish to become human on one condition. He must share his tales of the world with everyone. He happily agreed!

And so, after many years of adventuring, exploring the world and meeting new people, he was feeling unsatisfied and felt his tales weren't reaching as many people as they should, and he decided after much thought the best way to fix that issue was to form his own Adventuring Guild called Foxfam. Thus, his adventures begin anew with all of you.

Leon discovered countless artifacts of histories ancient civilizations. 99% he gave away to museums and other guilds. One he found however was this beautiful red ornate glass orb with Foxes engraved into it. He felt a strange pull to keep it for himself and so he did. Several weeks later a stormy night was upon him at the Foxden Guild House. And once more he felt the pull but this time as he stared into it and saw his reflection, it began to change into someone else but someone similar. he realized it wasn't a reflection but a looking glass to another world. And he was staring at another version of himself. A bolt of lightning struck, and a loud clash of thunder rumbled, causing him to drop the orb and it shattered! Upon shattering, the room filled with smoke.

Upon the smoke clearing Leon saw a shocking sight to him. A female fox with pink hair. They locked eyes for a moment, and she said her name was " Leona Foxtales " after she spoke those words it felt as time itself began to warp, and Leon transformed into a small version of himself, a " gremlin " form you could say, and Leona watched on in disbelief. After several hours of discussion between them both, they realized that orb opened a tear in space and time and sent Leona from her universe into Leon's and changed Leon into his current state.

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