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Nao Nyan

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Nao Nyan is a Let's Play streamer who mostly plays Monster Hunter, Phasmophobia and JRPG games. They also sing and voice acts when playing older games that don't have voice over.

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A mysterious cat demon in human shape, appeared out of nowhere one day and discovered video games, anime and music. They decided to play games and make song covers after they got addicted to it all.

After playing a lot of games they where taken in by the Jerry the Goose God and have since been trying to become good at singing so that they can release their own music album and make their mama goose proud.

They are also friends with the personification of chaos, also known as Zero Fujibayashi, which have lead to them becoming increasingly more chaotic. The personification of chaos have also taken to calling them derp cat and constantly threatening to donate bot for fun and as a revenge against Nao after they shared the forbidden tweet that Zero had posted. Or, as most would say: he is revenge simping in order to make Nao reach a specific goal, which lewdness level is too high for this site...

Nao is also one of Luitenant Blythe's adoptive children, and they like to play scary games together despite being absolutely terrified which often leads to the god and personification of chaos trying to scare them more for fun. They have also played Cards Against Humanity with Kawaii Kazmii who is another child of Blythe, and it is there that the curse that causes everyone to call Blythe Daddy instead of Luitenant started...

Nao is also, despite being a cat creature, very fond of of dogs and love to play games with Iko, who happens to be the best and most cheerful doggo VTuber.

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