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Iko Cane



Iko's here to take over the internet! He does games, art, and mischief! Iko streams on Twitch and Youtube throughout the week! This pup has giant dreams to achieve and with the help of his IkoPaws and PawSquad Iko will make it to the ultimate goal! Iko invites you to be his guest and join him on an epic adventure! Let's go!

Lore Edit

The curious story of this cuddle corgi began at the speculated date when impossibility became possible and the unimaginable became imagined. On that date, a corgi was wiggled into existence.

Iko Cane is a pup unlike the rest. His dreams are bigger than his gigantic ears. Which can be a bit frightening when those dreams burst into reality!

The life of an imaginative corgi can be hard. Luckily, Manager keeps this corgi in check and makes sure Iko does not get himself into trouble.

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