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Kali Ranya

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Kali Ranya is an anthropomorphic mountain lion EN VTuber who streams variety gaming content, favoring games with women and queer protagonists, or at least the option of creating a female main character! She frequently streams in collaboration, lately delving into competitive shooters with Valorant. Solo, she has streamed complete playthroughs of Caves of Qud, Get in the Car Loser!, Deltarune, Rakuen, Spiritfarer, VA-11 HALL-A, and Super Lesbian Animal RPG. Her occasional Just Chatting streams include read-aloud fiction, guided meditations, and heart-to-hearts on LGBTQ topics.

Kali's streams tend toward the "chillstream" style, with a calm voice and a casual, gently paced approach to gameplay. She uses occasional adult language and innuendo, but lewdness or swearing isn't her focus; most stream content is "safe for work" or under-18 friendly.

While most of Kali's content is streamed live, she also makes some scripted videos for upload, producing recordings of game and pop culture content like trailer voiceovers and dramatic monologues.

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Once a fearsome, zealous knight of a noble house, Dame-Armiger Kali Ranya came to realize the injustice of the feudal society she'd been born to serve, and broke ranks from church and crown. She now turns her sword to defense of the vulnerable as a knight-errant.

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