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Wickhin is an ENVTuber who streams a variety of games; from horror, to FPS, to cute farming sim and pixel art survival. He usually prefers RPGs of some fashion above all else. He is best described as something of a dork, and generally just wants people to have fun and to create a welcoming place for others. Fond of randomly singing, habitually goes down tangent rabbit holes, and cries easily over cute animals.

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A duskling; a creature born from strange soils in the tides of other lands, this benighted growth has crept across the veil in order to.. try and make friends. As it happens, he's rather shy, but very kind; if exceptionally socially awkward. Despite his appearance, he works to afford what he hopes is a normal, "human" life. However, holding a steady job when you're a nine-foot-something shadowy tree creature is tough. Feeling perpetually tired is no boon either.

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