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Wolffia's an english vtuber that's apart of the Hauntubers. She's strong willed, selfless, and fiercely loyal to Vampoyo. She comes off a little cold, and sometimes gets into fights. Although Wolffia's temper gets out of hand sometimes, she has a heart of gold, and will never give up on what's important to her. Wolffia's a 24 year old female werewolf that loves the moon, steak, anime, and long walks. Wolffia's not a fan of silver, cloudy days, or vacuums.

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Wolffia was chosen by Vampoyo to serve her ever since she was a 5 year old werewolf pup. For years she's acted as Vampoyo's muscle. Transforming into a fierce beast to fight Vampoyo's enemies, and stand up for her. Although she's left Vampoyo's side after she was afflicted with the curse. Wolffia's lost her power to transform into a werewolf. Now she transforms into a Shiba. Taking sometime to accept her change Wolffia has reunited with Vampoyo, and runs the castle to serve the hauntubers by cooking the food, cleaning the castle, and guarding from intruders.

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