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Belphegor is a sleepy Demon who stumbled upon our reality, once in their vessel became fond of art and so became an art streamer

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The Ring of Sloth was a strange one - it drifts around inside eternity, lazily bumping around like it's adrift upon the waves of reality. Its ruler slept for aeons, whispering of the dreams and nightmares they found inside the great nothingness.

It was a place full of crumbled ruins, of projects began and quickly abandoned when it became clear how much effort was needed. Heaps of trash and litter punctuated the areas, haphazardly strewn about by the hands of a million sinners, chewed up and dumped down here by the endless mechanical bureaucracy of the heavens.

Other than the ruins however, the terrain was immaculately natural, chaotic. The forests stretched under the sunless skies and lead into hilly terrain, to seemingly endless plains, savannah and deserts. Any traveller would find themselves lost in the shifting and confusing plains, and soon would fall into a torpor and join the many creatures of the Ring in their slumber.

One day though, the Ring bumped into our reality. Or rather, crashed. Pulled by some unseen force, without any of its inhabitants noticing - or perhaps not caring - it approached at an ever increasing speed. Faster than any speeding bullet, the entire dimension smashed into ours.

The plane shook with ancient words whispered in the dark - and two eyes opened, slowly, lazily. And as they looked into our reality, they saw something.

A vessel. A doll.

It was an immaculate creation - purple and black and white, with inhuman yet graceful proportions. Its reddish-black eyes wept tears of blackened sorrow, biting all that touched it. Its body was dressed in a beautifully decorated gown, reaching down to its knees. Its hair was carefully made up, every strand meticulously ensured of its proper place - with a frilly bow on top, to add the final touches.

Of course, there were plenty of symbols as well. Occult and pagan - pentagrams, stars and moons - necessary for the vessel to function in its intended role. No body is complete without a host, however.

Graced with lace, with frills and care, they knew - this was for them. They stood up from their throne, slowly, methodically. It took a moment for them to stabilise themselves - it had been many aeons since these legs had been used. But after what seemed like an eternity, they looked up - and took a leap into themselves.

And as the Doll's eyes opened, the cult cried: "All hail Belphegor, Lord of Sloth! May they live forever amongst us, in their undying vessel!"


It had been many months since Belphegor arrived in our world. In that time, they had seen much, and, befitting of an aspect of Sloth, slept more.

Their cult was a small one, just consisting of a few faithful, and as an entity of faith, Belphegor needed more worshippers. Though the strength of their beliefs were strong, just a few cultists would not do.

And so, they had to learn about this world - learn its intricacies, its cultures, its technologies. But travelling - that was arduous. It took effort that any aspect of Sloth would be loath to put in, and a living doll walking around the streets of any city would draw the wrong kind of attention.

So, one amongst the cult suggested an alternative.

There was a web on this world, spun by a spider of fibreglass - through decades of work. Through the speed of light, communication happened - voice, images, movies, games. Belphegor saw this, and an idea hit them. Through this web, they would spread their message - receive their worshippers, grow their cult.

The purple sheen of the screen reflected on their vessel’s face. This was the beginning of their ascension. The true beginning of their Court of Dreams.

_ written by ArmiaStars

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