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Vampoyo's a motherly super villain character that forces her caring, and loving nature onto the people around her. This often gets in the way for her plans to rule the world. She's over 400 years old vampire that loves spooky things, dogs, cats, rainy days, and Halloween. She dislikes mosquitoes, summer, magic, and garlic! Vampoyo's loves her little family of monster girls, and try's to scare the humans on her stream even though she's terrible at frightening people.

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Vampoyo's the leader of the hauntubers. The hauntubers are the ones that's been afflicted with the dreaded curse. One spooky night at her castle a curse was placed on everyone who attended the party. The party was cut short during this event, and everyone left the castle leaving Vampoyo alone. The curse made her tongue turn blue. This has made it extremely difficult to drink human blood. To Vampoyo the blood of humans tastes just like hot sauce. Which could be the reason why she craves tacos now.

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