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Ghostie's a 7 year old (when she was alive) english vtuber. She's a fussy, selfish, mischievous spoiled little girl. This is counteracted by her sweet, and cute personality. She loves pudding, and other sweet food. Ghostie's also a greedy ghost that wants almost everything she sees. She has trouble reading chat, and likes to make up what words mean when she doesn't understand what they are.

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Ghostie was 7 years old when she looked in the mirror, and found a 3 inch facial hair on her cheek. The shock was so much that it gave her a heart attack. Since then she's been pranking people for 200 years until she came to Vampoyo's party. The curse made her visible, and now she's able to transform into her ideal look. She decided to join the hauntubers in hopes to haunt the castle, but made friends with Wolffia. Her mind is very much like a child. Ghostie believes Wolffia's her real mom.
Ghostie is very jealous of Vampoyo, and often lashes out calling her an old lady.

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