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Shosan Rose

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Shosan Rose is a Virtual content creator who makes content in English. He is primarily known for his humor, laid back streams, unique character design and the "VCast Podcast" and content creation group under the same name. Shosan often collaborates with other Virtual YouTubers within the English VTuber community, whether it's appearing on their streams or bringing them on his stream to play games or chat on his podcast. His birthday is October 2nd. His height is 172cm. His zodiac sign is Libra.

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Shosan is a Catboy residing in the Cyberpunk city of Serenity. The city is filled with Mega corporations, corrupt government officials and morally corrupt law enforcement. Rose often ventures out with his hood on, and toggles his jacket lights off as to not be recognized, as he often has run-ins with law enforcement due to his sabotage of corporate data and manipulation of stocks belonging to corporations doing the most damage to the city and environment. He runs an underground rebellion movement labelled the "Cyber Squad" against the mega corps and corrupt government.

The activities of this group are unknown other than engaging in cyber warfare against corporations and government locations and officials, doing damage while remaining in the dark. While doing this in numbers is easy, resources do not come cheap. Rose has been known to meet with a friend outside his movement who sources him materials and supplies, although it is unknown how they're obtained, in exchange for decryption keys and valuable data from the numerous corporations and government. Because of this, he is described as an "Anti-Hero".

During his downtime, he streams from one of his many hideouts to Twitch, where he can relax and interact with people from all over the world, relaxing and just playing games and making friends despite being involved in shady activities, whether for good or not. The location for VCast activities is unknown.

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