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Rosethorn Ranger



Rosethorn Ranger is a non-binary Vtuber that makes English content. They have a degree in physics and enjoy talking about that and related astronomy and computer science concepts. Apart from physics they also talk about political theory, with a focus on the basics as well as the neurodivergence and trans side of things. They focus on a particular important topic each month, such as food self-sufficiency. They will do things like presentations, reading political theory on stream, and playing related games.

Also there is ACAB in the tags, bastard is not good to use as an insult, enforces the nuclear family shit, but a lot of people search it.

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Floating in the void, just chilling, is Rose. They are occasionally plucked out of that void to play games, talk about physics, and political theory.They enjoy sitting under trees and reading books, giving presentations, and hiding from people.

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