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Yuki Nakai

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Yuki Nakai is a female Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who makes content in English. She is primarily known for her Halo: The Master Chief Collection streams, however she has been branching out to multiple other games. Her streams tend to be more relaxed and calm, and with that atmosphere she tries to have an older sister/motherly vibe to help uplift everyone.

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Yuki Nakai is a local goddess, not really well known to the public eye, but beloved by those in her province, she was very prominent in the ancient era of Japan with many rumors of the local goddess often visiting the local festivals dedicated to her.

Yuki often partook in these events, always bemused by the energy of these festivals. Children running around stalls, couples experiencing their youth, people praying earnestly for good fortune, the vibrant colors and foods served;- she loved them all.

She enjoyed this while posing as a regular human being, interacting with the locals, only for the locals to never report such a person living in their town days after the festival. Forever grateful to her visits despite the lack of proof, they provided a lot of offerings to the local shrine. This tradition would then continue for a millennia.

The years, then decades, then centuries passed peacefully. As the 20th century rolled around however, the air was shifting; From one when peace and prosperity reigned, war and ruin was looming, and Yuki noticed that very evidently in her townsfolk. Following two ruinous wars that nearly brought Japan to the brink of destruction, she tried to reinvigorate the spirit of celebration and festivities but was dismissed by the locals who forgot the god they once worshiped.

Distraught by the lack of belief, Yuki entered a slumber, resting within the sacred tree in her shrine. As a result, the mood of the town worsened and as modernization happened around her, her shrine nearly fell into ruin.

One day however, a group of children have come to play in the nearly ruined shrine. Upon watching the ancient paintings slewed all over the walls of the shrine, the children suddenly provided a spark in Yuki that she thought disappeared for good; a belief that Yuki not only exists but provides happiness. Mustering a little of Yuki’s divine power, she manifested herself as a shrine maiden, surprising the children. From there on she often told them stories of the olden festivals and even performed various dances to entertain the children. Ever so slowly her days were filled with bliss again.

But those days will not last.

On a cold day, a single boy visited the shrine. Perplexed, Yuki asked why the boy was alone. He only answered with a solemn tune that the shrine was to be demolished to make way for a mall on the next day. Appalled by this, Yuki wished to express her disdain over this but she no longer had the power to go beyond her shrine, after years of near neglect. Facing the worst Yuki braced for the inevitable.

And then the decisive day arrived.

Bulldozers, demolish cranes arrived at the shrine to demolish it. Ready for her end, Yuki prepared for the worst, but the worst would never come, because the group of children who she played with, now came to the defense of the shrine, surrounding it with their bodies whilst chanting to support Yuki’s existence.

For hours the demolition was on standby as not even the authorities knew what to do with it. But all of a sudden, one of the bulldozers lost operational control over his vehicle and barrelled down to one of the children. Desperate to stop the vehicle, Yuki expended the last of her divine power manifesting herself as a massive projection over the shrine, halting and pushing back the runaway bulldozer.

With almost all of her divine power gone, she re-materialized as the same shrine maiden who played with the children just days before. For Yuki, she has embraced the fact that this would be the end for her.

But that was never to be.

The gallant defense of her shrine and her appearance as a visage went viral over the internet, suddenly sparking a renewed vigor about her existence, which in turn brought her power back to where she was centuries prior.

Now she stands as the sole proprietor of her shrine, streaming her presence online to the masses and doing what she does best, spreading love and happiness to everybody who watches her.

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