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Rinku Susumu

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Rinku is a male variety half-lynx VTuber that streams in English but can also speak Spanish (his native language) and a bit of Japanese, Italian and Indonesian. His streams can be chaotic, crazy or just random sometimes, but his main focus is to make them comfy so everyone can feel like in home. His main goal is to show that no matter the situation: even if you think you can't do something, you have to try and you might succeed. His birthday is on December 12th.

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Rinku's parents were normal lynxes that lived happily in their habitat until human civilization's growth endangered their species and many others. A powerful cosmic being that looked over nature decided to intervene in this situation. Their solution: they turned Rinku's parents into half-lynxes, half-humans and entrusted them the mission to form a link between nature and civilization. Rinku, who was born after all this happened and already as a half-lynx, picked up the baton after his parents became old enough to do it. His plan? ...streaming, of course!

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