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Ojiki-Chan (おじきちゃん)

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Ojiki-chan is a Babiniku female Vtuber from Japan. She has been streaming for several years and previously used the channel for making Voiceroid content. She now shares the channel with her English-speaking little sister Reiny, who debuted on 6th March 2021.

Ojiki-chan mostly speaks Japanese but can speak some English. Her streams are mostly catered to a Japanese speaking audience where she is praised for her deep and radio-like voice. Ojiki-chan has also been on mainstream television in Japan twice due to the uniqueness of her voice.

Ojiki-chan enjoys fighting games and FPS and is often seen participating in Apex tournaments.

Her mama is Shindo Kamichi and her Live2D mama is Homuragi Pyro (new model) Ojiki-chan also has a 3D model and sometimes does VRChat streams in various outfits. Her 3D model was created by Tomori Mikage.

Ojiki-chan's design is inspired by Masamune Date, a Japanese ruler and tactician in the Edo period famous for only having one eye.

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Ojiki-chan is the leader of a Yakuza family and company named D-tail, creators of the "Little Sister" prototype android named Reiny.

Ojiki streams as a way to promote and endorse the D-tail line of household androids soon to take over the market and also as a way to grow the family into a more powerful and fearsome company.

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