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LoFi WiFi is a variety content creator. Having his content in English, he makes video's that consists in exploring the lore of VTuber's, exploring the lore of games, anime and manga, showing off his OC's from his creative writer brain and reading fanfiction with the plot of Twilight but the characters are from the Cars movies. When he is streaming, he enjoys showing his nostalgic passion for old Playstation 2 Survival Horror games and other games that fill in the hole of the childhood he wishes he can go back into, enjoying talking about the good times.

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Several years ago a young boy was crossing the road on a street not too far from his house. He was a teenager, a happy boy with his whole life ahead of him, he had friends, a family, good grades and a passion for reading comics and graphic novels, he was a good kid. Yet one day, he forgets to look down the street as he steps out, and an inpatient driver collides with him and that was the end. The end of that life. That existence. But he was granted another. Another shot, another chance. One more go. Game over, restart.  

He can’t remember what his name was before, but now he goes by LoFi, not that many people  ask. He doesn’t remember anything from his past life, he knows he has one, all ghosts do, but all  he remembers is his death, he doesn’t even remember what his face looked like, or what his voice sounded like. All he knows is that now it is different. It’s a lot to accept for another chance at living. If you can call being a ghost living.  

There are perks of course. Being able to travel through worlds and dimensions and see countless  displays of life and energies across the universes and beyond means he has witnessed things  most humans couldn’t even dream of, things so marvelous and spectacular he wouldn’t allow  himself to forget them. So he started writing them down. He wanted so dearly to share his experiences with anyone who  would listen, but, telling anyone that they were things he had seen with his own two eyes wouldn’t  be believed, but in fiction, you can create and share whatever stories you want.  

He has a pure, kind heart, just as he had when he was alive and all he ever desires is to help others and spread peace and joy with his stories, something that is easier in some universes than others.  

In some parts of space he can be seen as clear as day, he can talk to people, touch them, build  friendships and bonds and make memories and change people’s lives. But in other’s he is but a  mere wisp, searching and following hopes and dreams that he isn’t even sure are attainable, and  sometimes, he is able to venture into universes that are entirely uninhabited, where no life force thrives or exists and he can simply be by himself in a void, lose himself within the crushing  pressure of space and wonder if there is any point to him. Did he deserve this second chance? Of all the people who have died and had to stay dead, was he really worthy of being brought back? Were his stories important and crucial enough to any society to justify his cheating death? He hopes so. After all, fiction is pure magic, and bringing a little bit of magic into people’s lives was always a wonderful thing.

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