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サクカフェへようこそ!こちらへどうぞ。 I'm Ioritsu, a neko butler and an avid café owner at Saku Café. Coffee is my go-to, but being a cat, that doesn't make much sense, does it? I mean, coffee tastes magnificent, especially French Vanilla Cappuccino. Just a sip won't hurt right? Who knows what would happen to Saku Café if I were to drink a cup of coffee?

As of now, I retired streaming on twitch and have moved onto VStream! New home for vtubers and viewers who like vtubers!

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"A human-like cat that frequents café shops has a curious mind and is determined to get his hands on a mysterious drink. This drink happens to be coffee, a beverage that humans have been consuming and perfecting for centuries. However, little does he know that coffee is not a drink that cats can safely consume. It has been proven that even moderate consumption of caffeine (more than 8 oz.), a potent stimulant, can be deadly to felines.

As the years went by, he honed his skills as a barista and butler, eventually realizing his dream of finally owning a café called Saku Café. This coffee shop aims to be the best in town, known for its authentic organic coffee beans sourced from professional Japanese farmers who learnt proper farming techniques from Brazilian farmers. He acquired his expertise from the best café shops all over the world. However, he encounters a tantalizing dilemma: he is unable to partake in his own creations, denying himself the satisfaction of indulging in the rich depths of coffee."

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