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Serenity Allure



Serenity is a trans-fem v-tuber/png tuber, who does charity streams. Some of her past charity streams include charity:water and her as of current fundraiser is for Child's Play.

Lore Edit

Because I have DiD I added onto the lore.

Locked away in a crystal lantern handmade from her parents to save her from the great war that caused most of her races extinction. Reforming after getting the power to break free, she has noticed that the Crystal has grown on her. Making her a crystal void dragon. With her newfound power she discovers that she is the newly blessed god of fates. Re-learning to socialize, she takes to streaming to better understand not only the world around her but how much has changed since the last time or so 1000 years. Taking on the name Serenity, showing her followers the fates of the characters she plays. some good. some bad. in hopes they would learn to grow better with her.

**However, long ago did the crystal shift, from Serenity came 4 forms, known as the galaxy parade, each with memories and pasts they defined themselves. One was Shikotoshi, the galaxy dragon. There was Poe, The chimera. Another was Elizabeth, the dream Snail. And lastly there was F0x, who once learned to calm her anger and quell her inner demon, all returned to Serenity.

Then Nekure came from both flesh of hers and crystal, embodying the form of a white wolf that transformed into a lovely lady.

However one day, a poisonous viper bit into Serenity, and she destroyed it, but a deep darkness poured from it and entered part of her crystal, which made her force eject it from her body. This being, she tried to seal but it cast her hand away as soon as it took form and raised a fist to her. It locked in battle with her, and as the two fought bitterly the other creature learned her powers and it grew it's own crystal, sapping powers from the goddess, other to blend back into her.

This, this was Serenity, and her Altered form, which took on the name Ekichi.**

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