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Nines is a non-binary, female-leaning ENVStreamer/VTuber who loves all things Sci-fi. Beginning her journey in 2015, they focus on PC and VR content, integrating role-playing elements wherever they can. They love interacting with the chat and try to triumph new and exciting interactive aspects for viewers.

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Nines is a robotic specimen that garnered attention in the Metaverse for her mysterious yet assertive aura. Emerging in the Metaverse working for various corporate and entities, she utilizes her stealth-based capabilities and allure to her advantage. She loves information and will play any part in gathering what she can. Unapologetic in nature, she shines in her honesty and loyalty- as long as you have something helpful to provide in return. Very few know of her eldritch-aligned secrets, and she attempts to keep it that way- but she occasionally finds that sickening eldritch influence seeping through the cracks.

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