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Hyrney is a virtual "blue" cowboy ENVTuber/ENVStreamer that plays a variety of games on Twitch but primarily VR, and space related games. He does roleplay normally, and is quite loud and gets angry or confused easily. He will also play desktop games, but these consist in a variety of random ones that is to his tastes or something that he wants to try.

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Hyrney's character is a special race of alien called a Starchild, a humanoid race of beings that are composed of the same stuff that stars are, hydrogen and helium. He tends to forget about things quickly and his mood can change very quickly but claims this is something all of his race do. He is very interested in bounty hunting and mercenary work, and can be very reckless and a loose cannon when it comes to said work. He also very much enjoys hard drink and talking and meeting with new people.

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