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Mystical Heart

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Mystical Heart is a English Virtual Content Creator, focusing on the multiverse established by the Super Smash Bros. Series. This includes various games (as to be expected) as well as movies, Western TV shows and anime.

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Mystical Heart - Mysti for short - was born on a now-forgotten planet in another universe. There, they witnessed wars and horrors beyond human imagination. It was during one of these wars, where they were drafted by their overlords to fight their species' greatest enemies.

The final day of the war came at the hands of Mysti. They took a forbidden weapon in the armoury, and - in a defiant sacrifice for the betterment of the universe - used it on both sides, leaving no trace of either species or planet.

Lost, drifting in space, Mysti fell into a gap in the universe, arriving on a planet populated by colourful horses. There, they found their way into the care of a stallion who was of the same species, and yet from another alternate universe, having also barely escaped the self-induced destruction of their species. Together, they got into a lot of fun but heartbreaking adventures. However, due to each other's pasts, they inevitably had to fight.

Mysti, being the youngest of the two, lost. They lost everything - the battle, their memories, their wife and their freedom. The father-like figure used his own power to throw Mysti adrift once more, nearly killing them in the process.

When Mysti woke up in the new world - Earth, 1994 - they had no memory of their near-death experience. The amnesia was almost perfect - except for the memory of their wife and the "father".

For 27 years, they waited for a way to find their way back. And now, with a roadmap created from the dreams of seers into the multiverse, Mysti - under the guise of a Vtuber playing games - searches for the way home.

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