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Rayshii is a female Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who makes content in English. She is associated with NIJI☆CHU, a small collection of Virtual Streamers, but remains independent. Her birthday is on November 22nd. Her height is 151cm (4'11) and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Rayshii debut her 3D model on the 19th of September 2020, followed by her Live2D on November 22nd.

Her personality is bubbly, outgoing, and kind, always putting others before her. She does not turn away from helping or advising others and often finds herself talking to the community about series issues, offering what guidance she can.

She loves FFXIV, Nintendo, collecting manga/figures, reading, writing, and playing musical instruments such as the piano and ukulele. Currently, she is studying Psychology whilst also learning Live2D Rigging and illustration. Rayshii strives to make a comfy and welcoming place for all whilst making content in the gaming area, with other focuses on community, arts, and more. She is often known for her model, Akari, who resembles a Dragon/Au Ra.

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Akari is 19 years old, 154cm (5'1), and born on April 12th, living in a post-apocalyptic society. With the world becoming an apocalyptic wasteland, humanity became divided between two groups, the only remaining dystopian Capital and a small resistance group. Among these survivors are Zander Nishimura and his sister Akari, young siblings who are taken to the Capital after being found by the Army living with a small sect of the resistance group a year after the war broke out. Despite gaining access to medical care which saves Akari's life, Zander stays discontent and blames the Capital in which they live for the world falling apart. Hating those who protect them, Zander, Akari, and Kohei, their best friend, attempt to rally a group to challenge the leaders and escape, but this backfires. Zander escapes along with a few others, leaving his sister behind to face trial and his best friend in an unknown condition. After traversing the rough wastelands which many aren't used to, Zander is found by the newly formed resistance group which has grown into a mass scale Army and is determined to take revenge on the Capital by joining the war. Years after this tragic event and after many experiments, it comes to light that Akari and Kohei still live, victims to 'Project Alpha' in which Akari's illness has grown and she now has dragon-like features. Akari however, is now a head-commander for the Capital her brother once hated and strives to stop the resistance group who she blames for the destruction of the world.

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