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La Avispa Nectarinia

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La Avispa Nectarinia means 'Wasp' in Spanish but you can call her Avi. She is a variety streamer, and will play games and draw some stuff. She is NOT a bee, but is a honey wasp who really likes hexagons. Her mission is to prove that anyone can do whatever they wanna be. Until recently she has never had any gaming consoles so is on a journey to be a GAMER! But she also wants to show that wasps can make for good waifus too! Avi loves girls and gummies.

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One day a Mommy Wasp and a Daddy Wasp loved each very much. So they made a Baby Wasp. This Baby Wasp decided they wanted to show the world that anyone is capable of doing great things so became an internet waifu. Her father was a master Fighting Gamer. Avi was an ex-wrestler.

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