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Melodii Faye

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Melodii Faye, also known as Melo, Melodii, or SweetMelodii, is a female Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who makes content in English. She is associated with the group HimawariLive, as part of their generation zero.

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Melo is an ordinary elf who found herself isekai-ed to Earth! Now she does her best to live a human life while interacting with other fantastical creatures and characters online through fun and games!

Those who befriend Melo become part of the MELON GANG. Melo has been given the title of Elf Melon Lord, leader of the Melon gang.

Despite having lived on Earth for over 5 years, Melo still hasn't fully figured out how to act like a normal "human" and tends to be silly, loud, and dumb on her streams.


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