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Lavi Alraune



Lavi is a Femme EN Virtual Streamer and Tuber. Lavi is a variety streamer, however Lavi generally plays games that involve heavy reading or story plots in them. Due to her nature, playing such games helps her learn how she should be presenting her emotions.

The backlog is huge and never ending, but a majority of consistent genres would be anything anime looking, otome/otoge, gachas, and rpgs. Lavi always has a cup of tea with her and enjoys guests that visit her Tea Time Garden to chat or to lurk! Just keep in mind that Lavi can be a bit of a potty mouth, her content is mature!

Lore Edit

Lavi is an Alraune. The name Alraune is the German word for Mandrake and has been around as a legend regarding the use of Mandrakes in witchcraft and the conception of offspring. Legend states that Mandrakes are born of the fluids (or blood) from hanged male convicts and those that would conceive offspring with mandrakes would create a being with which had no true feelings or concept of love nor a soul.

TLDR: She is a plant homunculus with no true soul or feelings of love.

Despite not ever leaving her Enchanted Tea Garden, the location of where it rests can be assumed somewhere on Yggdrasil.


  • Her necklace is that of the Nordic Tree of Life (Or Odins Gallows), Yggdrasil.

  • The Core in her eyes give away her artificial life and emits bioluminescence

  • The purple Horns atop her head are actually unbloomed flowers. Tuberose flowers that only bloom at night.

  • As per plant anatomy this means the swoops under her flowers are sepals

  • Due to being artificially made, she has failed alchemical gems imbued above her belly button /w residue traces

  • She regularly mixes blood in with her tea to help sustain her life force - and has fang like teeth

  • Her first outfit style is that of a maiden - where she is less aware of her origins and prefers to mimick more human qualities.

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