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Gaming with Mim

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Mim is an Independent English Vtuber who likes to eat mochi & Inari. She is known for her comfy seiso streams. She often streams with her kitty cat Angel who sits on her head. Mim speaks primarily in English but is trying to learn Japanese. She does a Mimrise stream every Monday so she can learn Japanese with chat each week. She mostly streams herself playing games and does the occasional hand cam stream (Pokémon card unboxing, Food tasting, Arts & crafts ect).

Mim streams about 4-5 hours per stream. She often streams on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

She also loves to get new outfits & starting soon screens depending on the game or season so there is always something new.

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I'm a kitsune who's shrine has been abandoned by humans so I decided to explore the world after hundreds of years I eventually settled down and became a Youtuber. I can transform into loads of different forms and outfits. Because I'm a servant of the Inari Okami my favorite food offerings of Inari sushi.

"I'm a wolf... Wait no I'm a fox & a cat meow" ฅ•ω•ฅ

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