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Frydi (pronounced Frydee) is a boat girl VTuber, playing various games on stream while sailing the seas. She is a gaming streamer and mostly focuses on platformers and RPGs. Her streams focus a lot on speedrunning various Metroidvania games and JRPGs. Frydi doesn’t have a set schedule and streams whenever she feels like it and one day(tm), she will have a moving avatar.

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Frydi had always loved boats. Her family had a small dock near the lake where she spent summers fishing with her cousins. Frydi always loved the feeling of the water against her skin and the sound of the waves. One summer, Frydi's family got a new boat. It was a beautiful model and Frydi was excited to try it out. She took her cousin out on the lake and had a blast. She loved the way the boat moved and the sound it made. Eventually, Frydi's family got a newer boat and she stopped going out on the lake. She was sad but she knew that she would always love boats.

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