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Hi! My name is Scrubie but kindly call me Scrub or oneesan. No other nicknames, that's just tacky. Turned 28 this year and I go by she/her/hers pronouns, just to set that straight.

I am a Goblin Leader in fox yokai form. Most of my friends are able to rely on me as I am willing to take point in going on adventures, and living my best life. I speak English, and play a variety of video games. Standing at 165 centimeters, my green hair is past my waist but please don't tug it. My ears and hair are off limits to touch, and I appreciate your consideration. I like wearing my customised pink kimonos and looking cute for my partner. Especially when we grab bobas here in Australia.

I like making somebody laugh the way others make me laugh. I believe that life is better when you're having fun and do what I can to share that all around. So I am grateful you are here with me! Feel free to drop by my Discord anytime and looking forward to seeing you in chat during stream! xoxo, Scrub

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Her name is Scrubie, although her friends call her either Oneesan or Scrub. She is a Fox Yokai who lived in a town not too far from a city in the United States. Her house was neither small nor large, and she enjoyed living her life watching anime, playing video games, eating different food cuisines and having cute things. She loves wearing customised pink kimonos that keep her cool during the summer, and warm enough inside her house. Except she knew something was missing.

One day, she woke up, and realized there was not enough boba where she lived. She complained to a Goron named xValkyrie93. He is from Australia and they met eight years ago in Cyberspace. He asked her to come visit him and grab some boba and she got on a plane to travel the distance. For the past three years, she has gone on multiple adventures with him to discover new food, video games and her much beloved boba. But her quest is not over. Living her best life has just begun! These days, she makes time to spend with her Goron partner, and frequently recruits him to find more boba to enjoy and share with friends, both new and old by streaming!

Won't you come and join her as she continues her journey into the unknown?

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