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Avittion AKA Avi is a Nekomata Tenshi and Psychopomp from Europa. While Appearing primarily as a Cat boy with one radiant wing and split tails, has the ability to appear as other things such as a plushie, small cat, different humanoid forms and has even been seen with multiple skintones, as well as a cloud of black mist with eyes and teeth and claws.

Avittion is Chaotic and can be both good or evil often treading a line down the middle. Markings around their eyes are scars resulting from experiments conducted on them in their youth. A similar scar runs down their back where one would expect another wing to be.

They are often seen in possession of a myriad of Scythes, and even more often seen wearing goggles and eyeglasses. These can all vary in appearance.

Birthday: January 22nd. Zodiac: Aquarius.

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Avittion is named for the Avittion race dwelling on Europa that humans would call Nekomata. Being half Tenshi on their mother's side Avittion is an outcast among their own people with the powers of a devilish shapeshifting Nekomata and those of a Tenshi. Avittion was sent to earth to stop the advancement of the planet's space programs from reaching further into the solar system in earnest but instead goofs off and plays games, memes and reads BL comics. Avittion also functions as a Psychopomp specializing in the ferrying of the souls of Children into the unknown.

Despite being a Psychopomp and immune to most forms of conventional and unconventional death, Avi still possesses a great fear of "the second death" and actively seeks ways to "beat out the death of all things" by seeking out forms of immortality and actively conducting experiments by going so far as in some cases to spirit away beings, items or entities to their subterranean dungeon laboratory. This is most often facilitated thru portals either inside shadows themselves or thru glowing purple tears in reality.

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