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Fukboi Frasia, AKA "Dog Mom" Puk, is the Fortune-Telling Malamute of the moon & deity of the night sky worshipping under the Egyptian Goddess Nut.

Puk is also an energetic & easily excitable English-speaking Vtuber, with streams primarily focusing on the "blursed" weird/ Nostalgic media and what she calls"Puking around". She also tends to love playing music games or goofy games she sees.

When she is not reading tarot or working on art onstream, she has conversations about Anime & comics, TV and cartoon tropes, mythology, and internet findings with viewers who stop by her Dog Caravan.

Birthday: October 11th Zodiac: Libra Height: 5'8 (179 cm)

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After being abandoned by the witch that betrothed her as a familiar, Puk ran her owner's metaphysical shop and read fortunes for lost travelers in hopes her companion would return. Which doesn't seem too hard for a malamute like her to pick up the slack with, however she doesn't know how to fit in too well in her new human form.

Every night when the shop is closed and before she drifts back up to the moon, Puk would spend time using a stolen laptop to access the "interwebs" so she can learn what she should be like if she wants to blend in doing "human-y things".

The one "human-y" thing that Puk can't seem to stop fixating on tho are the bizarre and goofy videos and old TV shows she finds when she tries to study. They appeal to something she didn't get to experiment with as her malamute self, and that was the creativity they all had. Puk wanted to become as human-like as possible so she too could create such silly and fantastic things she couldn't even dream of.

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