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Aruru Gray

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Aruru Gray was an English VTuber who was part of Production Kawaii. She was a member of the 2nd generation. Her birthday is on 9 January. She is a Capricorn. She is 147 cm tall. As stated in the Production Kawaii website, she is a witch's familiar. She likes cute and scary stuff, but she dislikes annoying things and green vegetables. Her fan name is called "Companyans", while her Youtube channel members are called "4ww- Companyans".

On 21 February, Kawaii's Twitter account announced that Aruru would be graduating from Kawaii on 2 March, citing personal reasons. Her graduation stream was going to happen on that date, before being postponed and later then cancelled due to personal circumstances. Her final video uploaded was prerecorded.

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Aruru is the cat familiar of an intelligent witch. Thank to her talented owner, she gained the ability to transform into a human-like form and speak. Aruru enjoys fashion, reading manga, shopping, sweets and lazing around. Unfortunately, she doesn't have an interest in anything "magical". The witch proposed to her, "if you can't contribute to the manor with magic enchantment in the physical world, maybe you can in the digital?" and so, Aruru started her journey as a Vtuber, in the name of contributing to the manor! Wait, how does magic enchantment work over the internet?

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