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Lua Asuka

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Lua Asuka (飛鳥瑠藍) is a female Virtual YouTuber, a member of Kawaii's Gen 2 alongside Aruru Gray, Namiji Freesia, Neena Makurano and Shee Icho. She can speak English and Japanese.

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My name is Lua! Your little song bird from a parallel universeヾ(´〇`)ノ♪♪♪

One day, I fell asleep in a forest and woke up in a different world called Earth! Where I'm from, everyone is a human with bird characteristics- but when I arrived on Earth, I was shocked to find that people and birds are totally separate! Also, there is more than one species of bird?! Eventually I made my way to Japan, and now I'm streaming with Production Kawaii until I find a way home. But breaking the space time continuum is not that easy...!!

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