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Jinzou Jinn

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Jinzou is a Dutch cyberpunk bartender Vtuber. He engages with audiences on both YouTube and Twitch, primarily communicating in English on his channels. In addition to gaming content, Jinzou showcases his skills in 3D modeling, 3D printing, miniature painting, and undertakes various DIY projects. He is currently in the process of developing his world-building content, which will be gradually added to his channel.

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In the depths of a subterranean hive city nestled within the crimson sands of Mars, there walks a long-forgotten devil named Jinzou Jinn, a mysterious individual who re-emerged from centuries of obscurity into a world ravaged by the relentless march of technology, rampant corruption, and the iron grip of corporate overlords. Alive since the ancient times of war that shaped the red planet's history, His name now lies forgotten amidst the masses of a society consumed by the pursuit of profit.

Leaving behind his old identity, Jinzou Jinn has transformed himself, reemerging into the world as the proprietor of a bar bearing his name. Within its dimly lit confines, he serves not the spirits of old, but rather concoctions of non-alcoholic nature to the weary denizens seeking solace from the harsh realities of their existence.

In his free time Jinn has cultivated a new passion in his newfound era of leisure. Immersed in the relics of a bygone era, he has delved deep into the realms of games and anime, relics of ancient Earth's culture. sharing his experiences during his livestreams.

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