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Saito is a female Virtual Streamer. While they're labeled as a variety streamer, she concentrates on RPGs (role-playing games) and adventure games. They're very curious and willing to try other game genres if suggested/recommended. Apparently, they have a very nice laugh, but they're not fond of it. Their community may seem chaotic at first, but they're very welcoming and kind.

During art streams, stream vibes are relaxing. However, when video games are involved, the stream may get crazy.

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"Saito" is not their real name. They don't know where they came from or who they are. Saito only knows these things: they're a curator/archivist for a place called "The Terminus Archives," they're a winter tanuki/raccoon dog, they can draw, and they can sing.

They've obtained the name "Saito" after having read a story about a child who went through an emotional struggle during their childhood. This was about the same time they became fully conscious about their situation in the archives. While trying to understand their true identity, Saito met with the founder of the archives. The founder tells Saito that if they can tell their story to completion without the use of their memories, Saito's memories will be restored. With a goal in mind, Saito agrees to become the curator for The Terminus Archives in hopes to find their story locked deep within.

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