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A male vtuber from Brazil who uses a female avatar, though he doesn't mind if someone refers to him as a girl because of that, his streams are mainly in brazilian portuguese language, but he can speak english if he has to. He mainly streams single player games, especially retro ones, but there is the occasional online game stream where he collabs with other streamers and people from the chat can join in as well, though he's absolutely terrible and rhythm and puzzle games, he does everything he can to avoid those genres.

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Ryu is (or used to be) a guy who plays video games as his main hobby, but his life changed when he was offered to take part as a test subject in an experiment that involved switching a person's gender by altering their body to match their desired choice. Ryu was curious to see what it was like to have a female body, so he ended up accepting the offer and was successfully turned into a girl, but his voice was still the same as it was before, meaning the machine used for the experiment still needs some fine tuning. However, when they tried to turn Ryu back into a man, the machine just broke down and stopped working, causing Ryu to panic as he's now stuck in the body of a girl despite having a male voice. With little choice left, he decided to change his name to Ryuko to be a better match for his new body and began to live stream so that the whole girl-with-a-dude-voice quirk can at least serve as a form of entertainment for other people as he comes to terms with it himself.

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