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Riven Sama

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Riven is your typical cat, but with a huge twist with being random and alot of the times very unpredictable, alot say it's because he is a stray cat and has no owner other say it because he is just a trouble maker but at the end of the day, the best way to get him to shut up is head-pats, He is also known from getting banned in almost every game he has every played...including Twitch

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Riven started off as your everyday black cat, a loving home with enough food and head-pats to last a life-time, that was till his beloved owner passed away due to an unknow cause. Wondering the streets looking for love, affection Riven stumbled across a bright blue hair girl with pig-tails that said, "Why so down black cat? theirs always a reason to be happy!", Riven at the time not knowing she could understand him says under his tiny cat meow " what's the point of happiness when the one true person you love disappears and never comes back?". The bright hair girl quickly reply's with "Well if that's how you feel how about I turn you into a cute little cat boy so that way you could walk on this earth with two feet like me n find your own happiness?" before Riven could say a word the next thing he knew he had arms ,feet, and a human body! and Boobs? Riven tells the girl "Why do i have boobs when I'm a guy?" and she simply reply's "You're a shape-shifter, you can be whatever you want so that way its easiest to find your happiness" and next time you know the bright hair female with pig-tails disappeared , Riven now streams everyday on twitch not for his sake but for others that have fallen down the dark whole of depression and see no light. Riven's mains goal is to be that pillar of hope for people to keep pushing forward and to never give up. He says he does it not because he cares for everyone but because he knows what it like to be alone at your lowest point. But we all know that isn't true...after all he is a Tsundere

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