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Tiny Kitty

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Tiny Kitty is the Tiny version of Kitty Gemma who is Kitty Gemma's carer and Kitty Gemma's Mascot. She takes over Kitty Gemma's streams at least once a week and shares the same social medias as Kitty Gemma.

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Tiny Kitty was created by Kitty Gemma's Grandmother during the pandemic at Fluffy Kitty Land. This was to cope with loneliness and so that she had someone to talk due. Due to the pandemic, Kitty Gemma could not visit her own Grandmother which lead to Tiny Kitty being created. She is the size of a plushie and the weight of a few apples. Tiny Kitty was able to learn so much while she was living with her grandmother. She learned how to communicate, how to make people smile, laugh and more importantly: how to take care of someone. However, all good things must come to an end. In Late 2022, she saw the expression on her grandmother's face. She did not have much time left. With that came a new job. She packed her bags, took a letter from her grandmother and went to England to where Kitty Gemma was. She knocked on the door and introduced herself to Kitty Gemma. Along with the letter that says "Dear Gemma: I hope that you are doing well living on Earth. I am sorry that we have not been able to see each other for years. I'm sure that the virus will be a thing of the past very soon. What you are seeing is what I am calling "Tiny Kitty." I created her last year as a way to copy with not being able to see you for so long. I have sent her to you because I am afraid that I do not have much time left. I have lived for so long as we can't live forever. Consider Tiny Kitty as a gift to you. My final gift to you. Please take good care of her and remember: You are loved and accepted by your grandmother" Tiny Kitty settled in very quickly with the help of Kitty Gemma and found out that she and Kitty Gemma have different likes and dislikes. While Kitty Gemma likes Potatoes and Kombucha. Tiny Kitty loves Strawberries and Soya milk. She even appeared on Kitty Gemma's Stream for the first time on the 19th December 2022. However, it was not a proper debut. She did not prepare anything. All that she did on the stream was a basic introduction to who she was and played a game with Kitty's friends. 2023, Kitty Gemma got a phone call and told Tiny Kitty to pack a bag. "We are going to Fluffy Kitty Land for a few days" Tiny Kitty was confused. "What is going on.?" "Why does Kitty Gemma look sad?" They arrived at the hospital alongside her family. "Excuse me? Which room is my grandmother staying in?" "I am sorry but she just passed away. We tried to contact you but it was so difficult to reach you." She could not believe it. Tiny Kitty could not believe it. "My creator is gone?!" Kitty Gemma was upset. Heartbroken. She could not bear it. Tiny Kitty approached her "Please do not cry. Smile that she became a part of your life. Smile because I am here" That is when Kitty Gemma noticed that Tiny Kitty was there to look after her. To become her carer. Tiny Kitty took special care of Kitty Gemma. She made sure that Kitty Gemma ate, drink, shower, sleep. Tiny Kitty has a stream. She has a goal and that is to take Kitty Gemma to space.

During late 2023, Kitty Gemma noticed that Tiny Kitty never got a proper debut. She got to work and contacted some people who were able it happen. 9th March 2024 was when Tiny Kitty got her proper debut with her official model. 19th December 2022 is still Tiny Kitty's anniversary

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